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WUS Insulation Plug 'The Original'

WUS Insulation Plug 'The Original'

  • Installation directly in Styrofoam
  • Installation can be done after plastering as well
  • Including protection for the thread during plastering

Suitable for:

  • Galvanised and zinc brackets
  • Copper brackets


Fascia - Bracket

Fascia - Bracket

  • Gutter support, semi - circular and box section, dimensions
    200 mm / 25x4 up to 400 mm / 30x5
    3.6" / 0.98x0.16" up to 7.6" / 1.18"x0.2"

Available surfaces:

  • Zinc plated
  • Copper


WUS Facade Adapter M10

WUS Facade Adapter M10

  • For installation of pipe clamps with excellent optical characteristics
  • Suitable for installation on walls, carports, winter gardens and dormers of roofs
  • Can be used on concrete, wood, plastic and sheet metal surfaces
  • Can be fixed with wood screws, screws for sheet metal or blind rivets

Available surface:

  • Zinc plated


WUS STG-Anchor for insulated facades

WUS - STG - Anchor for insulated facades

  • To avoid thermal bridges
  • Separation of the hot dip galvanised pin from building structure through rubber plug
  • Rubber plug absorbs structure borne noise
  • Installation can be made before or after plastering
  • Including hot dip galvanised threaded pin with Torx drive and two flat nuts

Available for:

  • Insulation thickness between 100 and 200 mm


Special drill bit for WUS STG-Anchor for insulated facades

Special drill bit for WUS STG-Anchor for insulated facades

  • Ø 17mm
  • mit SDS Aufnahme

passend für

  • WUS STG-Vollwärmeschutzdübel


Ridge lath support

Ridge lath support

  • Flash screwed - without pre-drilling
  • Clean alignment because of height adjustment
  • For lateral screw der ridge lath


Special solutions from WUS

Listening, observing and the requisite experience in dealing with high-quality materials and machines: these form the basis for innovative products:

From professionals ‑ for professionals

The right materials create the necessary added value and provide benefits where they are most needed: on the job!

Our new M10 anchoring for insulated outside walls enables the fitter to screw a pipe clamp mounting directly into exterior insulation finishing systems made of Styropor®, Styrodur® or even wood-fibre insulation boards.

Time consuming fitting in stone/brickwork, and, when confronted with different insulation thicknesses, problems with thermal bridges or sound propagation are eliminated.

Our answers to mounting/fitting on exterior insulation finishing systems with mineral wool, elegant solutions for direct fitting on metal or wooden outside walls, escutcheons/collars (some with sealing function) for that superior appearance, gutter brackets (for front-face mounting, e.g. on balconies, car ports or on refurbishment) und snow guard systems for photovoltaic units. All these provide you with even more ideas!


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