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NEW: Ridge lath support



  • Flash screwed - without pre-drilling
  • Clean alignment because of height adjustment
  • For lateral screw der ridge lath


More Information about WUS Ridge Lath Support HERE

NEW: WUS Practica MD unlined Sprinkler Clamp


Heavy load clamp for Sprinkler installations and high requirements in industry and mechanical engineering.

  • VdS approved for Sprinkler installations (approval No. G 4080001)
  • Strong construction for heavy load application
  • Zinc plated


More Information about WUS Practica MD unlined SprinklerClam HERE



NEW: WUS Practica Heavy Load Pipe Clamps


Heavy load single bossed clamp suitable for high requirements.

  • Heavy load pipe clamps suitable for high requirements
  • Very high safety through high cross sections
  • High performance EPDM rubber lining
  • Economical solution in case of high requirements


More Information about WUS Practica Heavy load Pipe Clamps HERE

NEW: WUS Practica LS ventilation clamps


For easy installation with catch lock mechanism and insulating profile lining.

  • Strong product for enhanced safety
  • M8/M10 boss for flexibility on site
  • Easy installation through wide opening and catch lock mechanism

More Information about WUS Practica LS ventilation Clamps HERE

NEW: WUS-STG Anchor for insulated Facades


The WUS STG Anchor for insulated facades represents the new generation of the installation on high perfomance insulated buildings.

  • To avoid thermal bridges
  • Separation of the hot dip galvanised pin from building structure through rubber plug
  • Rubber plug absorbs structure borne noise
  • Installation can be made before or after plastering
  • Including hot dip galvanised threaded pin with Torx drive and two flat nuts


More Information about WUS-STG Anchor for insulated Facades HERE

NEW: WUS Facade Adapter


The new WUS Facade Adapter is the sophisticated product for the installation of pipe clamps on facades.

  • For installation of pipe clamps with excellent optical characteristics
  • Suitable for installation on walls, carports, winter gardens and dormers of roofs
  • Can be used on concrete, wood, plastic and sheet metal surfaces
  • Can be fixed with wood screws, screws for sheet metal or blind rivets


More Information about WUS Facade Adapter HERE

NEW: Insulation-Plug The Original Hot Dipped Galvanized


now available

  • Installation directly in Styrofoam
  • Installation can be done after plastering as well
  • Including protection for the thread during plastering
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Bolt Screw M10

Suitable for:

  • Galvanised and zinc brackets
  • Copper brackets

More Information about WUS Insulation Plug HERE